2009-10-12 118 мин.

School (2009)


What is going on in Chinese elementary schools where students go to school with red scarfs? The film captures the campus life of students and teachers in detail, such as gossiping in teacher's rooms, fighting among students, students being punished, school gatherings that are overly orderly, military like class recitals, and teachers who are already deeply captivated by the school system. Strangely, the images of the Chinese elementary school seem very familiar to viewers. Except for the few scenes such as kids pledging themselves to the Communists and dancing with red outfits, the teachers' attitude, school system, and students, seem to capture those of the Korean elementary school. Because of such similarity through the film, we Koreans will naturally reflect upon our memories than try to understand Chinese culture. One may ask what elementary school education has done to us. Interestingly, we Koreans can look at ourselves us through China.

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