2020-08-19 61 мин.

Where is the Mind (2020)

Where is the Mind

Atsushi limps and escapes from a closed facility for drug addicts. He has only one goal: to kill his wife. Straying around, he is hit on a country road at night. When the driver gets out to check on him, Atsushi takes the opportunity and steals his car. Completely surprised, he notices the middle school student Nanako in the passenger seat. Actually on the way to a hotel room with her customer, the young girl desperately clings to her key ring: the only thing she has left of her mother. Deeply wounded by life, the unequal couple embarks on a journey into the unknown.

  • 希望のゆくえ
  • драма
  • Япония
  • 19.08.2020 (в мире)
  • 61 мин.

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