2010-06-24 95 мин.

Magic (2010)


Myeong-jin and Jeong-woo, attending the same conservatory, are studying cello. Myeong-jin is in awe of Jeong-woo's genius. Ji-eun, a piano student is working on her own composition: Magic. Jeong-woo offers to play it for her but on the day of the performance, he collapses on stage, leaving Myeong-jin to complete the concert. While nursing Jeongwoo back to health, Myeong-jin asks Ji-eun if he can step in for Jeongwoo but she refuses his offer. After Jeong-woo dies, Ji-eun goes to see Myeong-jin. She plays Magic one final time and quietly enters the music room to end her own life.

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