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The Love (2016)

The Love

The General's son as he is, Wu Tian Xiang (Liu Qian Cheng) chose to conceal his real identity to find a pure love. Years ago, he and Xue Er (Jin Bo Han) fell in love with each other at the first sight. But later Xue Er left him. When he meets Xue Er again, he found Xue Er turned cold to him. What's worse, Xue Er's father was very snobbish since he drove Wu Tian Xiang out and taught him a good lesson. In order to take revenge, Wu Tian Xiang restores his real identity to get married with Xue Er. After their marriage, Tian Xiang tries all ways to torment Xue Er, without knowing that the Xue Er he marries is not the Xue Er he loved.

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